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Gender Equality

The Goethe-University has set up a dedicated coordination position for their collaborative research centres and research training groups. The services and activities for equal opportunities are aimed at the career advancement for women up to the primary investigator status at the same time as ensuring the family-friendliness of workplaces in research for parents and care-givers.

For coordinated research centres the service offers:

  • Information about services of the equal opportunities office
  • Individual advice for early researchers
  • Arranging career support for women
  • Help with the organization of family-life balance support


Examples for career support:

  • Workshops for advanced Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers
  • Coaching on career development or conflict solutions
  • Meetings with “Role models”, talks and seminars about international careers and family issues

Examples for family-friendly workplaces:

  • Flexible childcare at home or at conferences
  • Holiday childcare
  • Back-up childcare
  • Counselling for expecting parents
  • Support for care-giving family members
  • Staff for assistance with routine activities during periods with family obligations

For more information, please visit the website of the Equal Opportunities Office [http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/50717066/50_Gender-Consulting] or contact the Gender Consulting Coordinator:


Martina Kenk


E-Mail kenk@em.uni-frankfurt.de